About Us

耕亚科技成立于2009年, 经过近15年的持续努力、锐意进取、不断创新,公司已经打造成为行业内最具影响力最具知名度的口碑企业和良心企业之一。依托超过20年以上的SMT行业技术经验、以及近15年公司客户服务案例,耕亚科技能为电子制造行业提供一站式的智能制造方案及设备。

Geng Ya was established in 2009. After nearly 15 years of continuous efforts, forge ahead and continuous innovation, the company has become one of the most influential and well-known word-of-mouth enterprises and conscience enterprises in the industry. Relying on more than 20 years of technical experience in the SMT industry and 15 years of company customer service cases, Geng Ya can provide one-stop intelligent manufacturing solutions and equipment for the electronics manufacturing industry.


High Quality Solutions

质量第一! 我们确保在制造最小的产品时,每个微小细节都被仔细研究。 我们的目标是 100% 的客户需求和满意度。


需要更多电子制造解决方案方面需要帮助吗? 我们是专家!